Aluminum frame glass constructions


Precision, longevity and progressiveness characterises modern aluminium constructions.

Nowadays this light, but resistant material is widely used in architecture and construction. Aluminium framework – unnoticeable, unostentatious and safe but serves for seemingly fragile glass buildings as a backbone. Newest aluminium systems are with high thermal insulation.


Wooden frame glass constructions


Contemporary wooden constructions possess cosiness, attraction and unlimited possibilities. Wood is warm, live material with individual and unique texture and pattern. Wood as natural material does not conform to fashion tendencies. Using wood as load carrying element and aluminium as outside covering is possible to reach surprising technical solutions and resistance against destructive effect of climate.



Steel element glass constructions


Resistance, industrial design and minimalism characterises steel constructions. High load carrying capacity of steel profile and its manufacturing technology enables to build complicated and large dimension glass constructions.



Glass constructions with load carrying glass elements


Do you wish to have complete transparency and uniqueness? This combination is meant for You! There are no directions, there are no frames! It’s just glass!