Stairs in private house, Russia


Glass simultaneously provides support for both stair and railing function.

"Green house" facades, Norway


Facades are made of recycled aluminum and glass with ceramic print pattern that will provide the illusion of looking through the leaves in a tree canopy. In order to avoid emphasis of vertical and horizontal lines, together with architects we developed a special solution - glass, that are placed all around one point, are also fixed on the same point. Since facade has two layers of glass, on some points there are fixed eight glass layers.


Glass passage in museum "Laima", Riga

Glass passage in "Laima" chocolate museum with load-bearing glass railings and steps. This small bridge could even hold a car's weigh.

Shelter belt for bent panoramic elevator, Latvia

Concept is a steel load carrying construction, which is girded by bent glass pane shell with silicone seams. Shelter belt has aluminium door and manholes, from outside tempered glass is glued on them. In such way homogenous look has been achieved.

Glass cube, Latvia

We love different adventures and non-standard solutions; therefore we agreed to involve in an artistic performance “Dzivo damies”. Our task was to construct a glass cube and set it up in "Kalnciema kvartāls"  for two actresses to spend 24 hours there.


"Expo Box", Sweden

In collaboration with the Swedish architectural firm GUISE implemented a project "Expo Box" that was exhibited at the Midsummer in the heart of Stockholm. Stand consists of a metal frame, which is covered with composite panels and  perforated metal surface ofset 30mm from basic construction. The top of stand is entirely based only on the middle part of glazing. Special attention was demanded to the fact that the project is expected to be completely white. Especially when it is dark, perforated metal highlights by embedded LED light bars.

Upward sliding toughened glass window, Sweden

Such constructions have been produced and installed in a clinic in Stockholm. Construction is meant to join operation and instrument rooms. The devised product is equipped with system that allows convenient and easy slide of casement. Additionally simple, but effective window fixation mechanism in different positions has been invented.