Aldis Cimermanis



A busy mole is worthier than a lazy angel”.  And more: “Life takes a bit of time and a lot of relationship”. /W.P. Young/

Ivars Zagarins

Sales director



Be honest to others and yourself up to an end, then everything is possible!

Kristaps Caupjonoks

Project manager

To follow three rules:

respect yourself

respect others

to be responsible for what I do.

Olga Muizniece



Whatever happens, happens for the best!

Kristaps Erglis

Production manager


Do good things. Trust me, they will pay off!



Janis Rumba

Main technical manager

Sleep in the grave!

Marita Granta

Structural engineer/

Cost estimator


Everything is possible. The impossible just takes longer. /Dan Brown/


Krisjanis Purins

Structural engineer

"Person discovers himself when he match forces  with an obstacle."

/Antoine de Saint-Exupéry/

Alberts Golubovics 

Structural engineer

Practice makes perfect.

Edgars Liberts

Structural engineer

Only thing that’s holding you back from success is yourself.



Vigo Pilibaitis

Construction manager


Always take on a new challenge!


Kamils Wincenti Ovcareks

Building structure assembler

Valdis Mezgailis

Production master

Works speak more than words!



Zigmars Tronins

Building structure assembler

Make a lot of money.

Ivars Babcuks

Production master

Every next day will be better than this day!

Daumants Kincis

Production master

Everything’s okey if you make no mistakes, but it’s not okey if you don’t even try.

Vitalijs Smeckojs

Building structure assembler

Always strive to be the first.

Andrejs Kulomins

Building structure assembler

Lauris Sniedze

Production master

Looking at the world with wide eyes!

Viktors Smikarsts

Production master

The loser complain, but champions train!

Janis Pilups

Production master

With a smile ahead!

Janis Sipols

Production master

Be honest to yourself and also to others.

Sandis Mileiko

Head of design department


Faith without deeds is dead.

/James 2:20/

Rics Berants

Technical director


Be interesting to yourself then the life will be interesting for you!


Pauls Ratnieks

Project manager assistant

The most valuable feature of the eternal curiosity, which does not disapper over the years and revives every morning. /Romain Rolland/

Dace Ozolina

Office administrator

Go where your heart takes you, but don’t forget to take your brain with you.


Inga Zundure

Logistic manager

"To believe, hope , not give up and grow!" /Karlis Verdins/

Lauris Borherts

Service manager


Setting a goal and striving for it...

Karlis Tone

Technical director assitant

It ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. /Sylvester Stallone/

Davis Selakovs

Structural engineer


Speak less!

Evita Bule

Structural engineer


Always go ahead! 


Martins Joma

Construction manager

"One who does not work, talks about work. One who cannot work, criticize work. One who works is silent and his works speaks about him. /Rainis/

Valters Siksna

Building structure assembler

Love God, love your neighbor as yourself! And do everything with 100% return!

Kaspars Muskeits

Building structure assembler

If you can to dream about it,

you can do it!

Janis Vitols

Building structure assembler


Live to love!

Reinis Marks Selders

Building structure assembler

You have to learn the rules of the game. And you have to play better than anyone else. /Albert Einstein/

Aivis Mucenieks

Building structure assembler


Speak with deeds - this is the strongest and the best language.

Tedis Rozenfelds

Building structure assembler

There is little time.

Vadims Goncarovs

Production master

The best event in life is yet to come.

Arturs Dobrovalsks

Building structure assembler

Achieve the objectives sought!

Liga Aukmane

Production master

Enjoy the simple things!

Mairis Ozolpupa

Building structure assembler

Every day, as you not laughed, is a wasted day. /Charlie Chaplin/

Gatis Bahmanis

Production master

Don't be afraid of change! Everything you do can only improve you if you only do positive things!