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Glazed constructions
of aluminum frames


Precision and durability characterize aluminum constructions, which are widely used in modern architecture and construction. The aluminum frame - imperceptible, unobtrusive and secure - works as the backbone of seemingly fragile glass structures. The latest aluminum systems have high heat resistance.


Glazed constructions
of wooden frames


Cosiness, attractiveness and unlimited possibilities characterize modern wooden constructions. By using wood as a load-bearing element and aluminum as an exterior covering, it is possible to achieve surprising technical solutions.



Glazed structures
of steel elements


Durability, industrial design and minimalism characterize steel structures. The high load-bearing capacity of steel profiles and manufacturing technologies allow the construction of complex and large-dimensional glazed structures.



Glazed structures with load-bearing glass elements


Do you want complete transparency and uniqueness? There are no prescriptions, no frames! There is only glass!

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