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"Office building at Mihaila Tala street 1 in Riga”, Latvia


Architect: SIA „Pillar Architekten” and

                  SIA „MARK ARHITEKT”


Customer: SIA „Pillar Contractor”

​Area:  3159 m2

Structures: Aluminum structures of glazed facades, doors and windows.


Realization: 2022

"Dr.Maurina clinic" in Riga, Latvia





​Area:  822 m2

Structures: Wood - aluminum windows and facade systems and steel facade system with oversized sliding door structure.


Realization: 2022





Customer: SIA "Merks"

​Area:  3841 m2

Structures: Wooden frame glazed roof structure, unitized glazed facades and aluminum windows.


Realization: 2022

Private house in Pāvilosta, Latvia


Architect: Open Architecture Design (OAD)


Customer: Private person

​Area:  13 m2

Structures: Aluminum glazed roof structures.


Realization: 2022

Valmiera castle cultural environment centre and urban environment element "Riga gate" in Valmiera, Latvia


Architect: PS "ZGT"


General contractor: SIA "R.K.C.F.Renesanse"

​Area:  420 m2

Structures: Aluminum glazed facades, doors and glass floor structures.


Realization: 2021/2022

Ventspils Innovation center "VIZIUM"


Architect: Audrius Ambrasas - "Ambraso Architectu Biuras" UAB; "Arhitekta J.Pogas birojs"


General contractor: "LNK Industries" AS

Area:  4000 m2

Structures: Fasade construction with pilasters


Realization: 2020/2021



Architect: Jouni Lehtonen


Customer: Private person

Area: 350 m2

Structures: KELLER Minimal Windows


Realization: 219

Dziesmu svētku estrāde Mežaparkā


Architect: "Mailitis Architects", "Arhitekta J.Pogas birojs"


General contractor: "LNK Industries" AS

Area:  2000 m2

Structures: Forged external glazed facade with wooden load-bearing profiles


Realization: 2021

Holiday house MinMoHome Concept 2.0 with terrace


Architecture: SIA "UPPE"


General contractor: SIA "UPPE

​Area:  60 m2 living space and 40 m2 terrace

Structures: MinMoHome Concept 2.0 with terrace


Realization: 2022

Jāņa Daliņa stadium

​Architect: Architect company "Ivara Šļivkas birojs" SIA

General contractor: "YIT INFRA Latvija" SIA

Area:  Glazed facades 1767 m2

Internal glazed partitions 821 m2

Structures: Aluminum glazed facades


Realization: 2021

Ventspils Music School Ventspils, Latvia


Architect: “haas cook zemmrich STUDIO 2050”

General contractor: Merks SIA

Area: 740 m2

Structures: External glazed structures with steel and aluminum load-bearing profiles.

Realization: 2018

Reconstruction of shopping center "Alfa"
Riga, Latvia


Architect: SARMA NORDE architects

General contractor: Merks SIA

Building facade area: 1900 m2

Structures: External glazed structures with steel and aluminum load-bearing profiles. Facade exterior decorative glass and entrance roof with steel construction.

Realization: 2018

Hanzas Perons
Riga, Latvia


Architect: Sudraba Arhitektūra SIA

General contractor: Pillar Contractor SIA

Building facade area: 2070 m2

Structures: External glazed structures with steel and glass support profiles.

Realization: 2018

Office building in Oslo, Norway


Architect: "Element Arkitekter" AS

General contractor: Oslo entreprenor AS

Building facade area: 700 m2

Structures: Facade of external glazed structures with illuminated glass slats.

Realization: 2015-2016. year

Awards: "Best Glazed Facade in Norway 2017"; "The best illuminated object in Norway 2017"

Mežaparks residence in Riga, Latvia


General contractor: SIA "MERKS"

Realization: 2017

Reconstruction of a building for the construction of a hotel in Riga, Latvia


General contractor: SIA "MERKS"

Volume of internal glazed structures: REI60- 95m2, curved glass railings-52m2

Constructions: Exclusive fireproof glass floors (REI60); curved glass railings

Realization: 2017

Office and warehouse building "Alejas" in Jelgava, Latvia


General contractor: SIA "UPPE"
Full cycle construction.


Total area: 699.3 m2
Building area: 603.7 m2


Construction volume: 4176 m3
Constructions: Prefabricated reinforced concrete column foundations, load-bearing steel frame, sandwich panel roof and walls, composite panel decorative finish in the office part


Realization: 2017

Private house in Norway


Architect: Espen Surnevik

Volume of constructions: 89 m2

Constructions: WICONA Wicslide 160.HI; Wicline / Wicstyle 75 evo; Wictec 50.HI

Realization: 2016 year

Private house on an island in Norway
Architect: CODE: architecture
Volume of constructions: 140 m2
Constructions: Keller minimal windows
Realization: 2016
Collector's house,
Riga, Latvia


Architect: Zaiga Gaile's office

General contractor: MG Būvnieks

Volume of constructions: 255 m2

Constructions: Keller minimal windows

Realization: 2015

Bus station lift shaft, Lahti, Finland


Architect: JKMM

General contractor: YIT

Volume of glazed structures: 390 m2

All load-bearing structures - beams and columns - are made of glass

Realization: 2015

Restaurant and brewery "Zoltners" in Kronauce, Latvia


Architect: Henriete Ludvika-Brazovska

General contractor: SIA "Būvfirma Laura"

Volume of glazed structures: 170 m2

Constructions: facade - steel / aluminum construction frame.

Realization: 2014-2015

Liepaja multifunctional center "Lielais Dzintars", Latvia


Architect: "Giencke & Company - Latvia" PS

General contractor: SIA "MERKS"

Volume of glazed structures: 900 m2

Constructions: Internal all-glass partitions (stationary, sliding), all-glass doors, acoustic glazing, fireproof glass systems, panoramic elevator glazing, curved glass partitions.

Realization: 2015


In an apartment building in Jurmala, Latvia


Architect: SIA "KUBS"

General contractor: SIA "Merks"

Volume of glazed structures: 1453.71 m2

Constructions: Tempered laminated glass railings

Realization: 2015

Lava Museum "Eldheimar", Iceland
Client: SIA "Lukri Prime"
Volume of glazed structures: 110 m2
Constructions: handrails - 17mm thick laminated glazing reinforced with SIKA GG-735 technology
Realization: 2014
Office and apartment building "Green House", Oslo, Norway
Architect: "Element Arkitekter" AS,
General contractor: "Infill" AS
Volume of glazed structures: 540 m2
Structures: Load-bearing steel structures, glass facade system
Realization: 2013
Awards: "Building of the Year in Norway 2013"


Private house "Aukra" in the west of Norway


Architect: Hallvard Huse (Element Arkitekter AS)

Volume of glazed structures: 60m2

Constructions: Schuco AOC on steel

Realization: 2012


Shopping center
"RATIO Land"
in Baunatal, Germany


Architect: "Maas und Partner Architekten"

General contractor: "MBN Bau" AS

Volume of glazed structures: 1400 m2

Constructions: Construction of shopping area facades from aluminum composite panels and laminated glass.

Realization: 2011-2012


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